Tom Lance

Senior Pastor
951-571-9090 x. 2110

Hello, I’m Tom and I am the Senior Pastor at The Grove Community Church.  I actually started attending this church when I was 14 years old and started working here part-time in 1975, right after my graduation from the University of California at Riverside. At that time I also started coaching baseball at Riverside Community College.  What I learned from coaching I now use to coach this fantastic church family we call The Grove. 

In 1980, I took a full time position as the Youth and Children’s Pastor and went back to Hope International University where I finished my second Masters. I also completed my Doctorate in Ministry in 2012 from Trinity Theological Seminary and received an Honorary Doctorate from California Baptist University also in 2012. As the church began to grow in the 80’s I no longer oversaw the children but became the full-time Youth Pastor, and in 1987 the Executive Pastor. After serving as interim senior pastor in 1994, I was voted into the position of Senior Pastor in 1995 and have had the privilege of leading this great church for over 20 years. My wife Carol and I raised our two boys in this church and they married their sweethearts from this church as well. The Grove has brought and continues to bring us greatest joy.

We are currently in the midst of a five-year succession plan. In February of 2020, our Lead Pastor, Daniel Bishop, will be taking over my position.  He is currently learning all the aspects of leading a large church and will be more than ready to move The Grove to even higher heights. God’s hand of blessing has been on The Grove since its inception in 1925, and I know He has even bigger and better plans to truly change lives and reach all people.
lances-1Tom and Carol and family

Daniel Bishop

Lead Pastor
951-571-9090 x. 2175

Jon Hurst

Executive Pastor
951-571-9090 x. 2115

Teaching & Small Groups

Trevor Christmas

Men’s Pastor
951-571-9090 x. 2177

Carol Lance

Women & Support Ministries Director
951-571-9090 x. 2135

Jenni Price

Associate Director Women’s Ministries
951-571-9090 x. 2121

Tiffany Adcock

Assistant Director Women’s Ministries
951-571-9090 x. 2137


Joe Hobbs

Outreach Pastor
951-571-9090 x. 2130

Adam McIntyre

Local Outreach Pastor
951-571-9090 x. 2150

Andy Gibeault

Associate Pastor
951-571-9090 x. 2260

Noland Turnage

Community Minister
951-571-9090 x. 2131

Trey Cumming

Pastor of Care & Counseling
951-571-9090 x. 2220

Jackson Brown

Jackson Brown

Deaf Minister

Erick Burgos

Spanish Ministries Director
951-571-9090 x. 2433

Jim Gilbreth

Associate Pastor
951-571-9090 x. 2230

Kathleen Strebel

Director of Hospitality Ministry & Communications
951-571-9090 x. 2111

Kendall Brown

Sports Ministries Pastor
951-571-9090 x. 2145


Renee McAlexander

Early Childhood Director
951-571-9090 x. 2191

Cathy Harmon

Preschool Director
951-571-9090 x. 2524

Amanda Peck

Children’s Director
951-571-9090 x. 2187

Sarah Bohannan

Preteen Ministry Co-Director
951-571-9090 x. 2188

Jackson Jaramillo

Preteen Ministry Co-Director
951-571-9090 x. 2194

Josh Camping

Junior High Pastor
951-571-9090 x. 2165

David Reynolds

High School Pastor
951-571-9090 x. 2178

Jacob Ravenscraft

Young Adults Coordinator

Worship Arts

Brandon Stoppe

Worship Pastor
951-571-9090 x. 2173

Dan Williams

Technical Director
951-571-9090 x. 2153


Martha Rowntree

Accounting Director
951-571-9090 x. 2250

Dave Wilbert

Facilities Director
951-571-9090 x. 2267

Mandy Garrett

Communication Manager
951-571-9090 x. 2245

Adrienne Bardos

The Hub Ministries Director
951-571-9090 x. 2247

Board Members

Robert Hasson

Halford Webb

Kent Dacus

Ric Slagle

Brian Jaramillo

Curtis Craig

Bill Russell