Join us for this special sermon series over the next 5 weeks as Pastor Tom speaks on a personal, Biblical, theology of God and creating pre-determined principles to help guide you in today’s world.
Tom will be releasing a book on this subject in the near future and he wants your input. Each weekend, we will be posting a full chapter from the book right here that coincides with the weekend’s sermon.
Come back each week, then after you have read the chapter, we welcome your feedback to help Tom make the book even better.
You can share a story, quotes, or anything you feel might help the book be even better. At the end of the series, Pastor Tom will use your personal biblical theologies in the book as you come up with your own to submit.

Week 5:
Conclusion: Resolved Plus

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Sept 10 / 11:
Week 1- Homework (PDF)

List of Website Resources
 for attributes, characteristics and names of God (PDF)

Sept 17 / 18:

Sept 24 / 25:

Oct 1 / 2:

Oct 8 / 9:
Conclusion: Resolved Plus
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