Our 90th anniversary year is about to end. This exciting year has been one where God has enabled us to touch lives for Jesus here in Riverside, in neighboring communities, and around the world. So many of you, and our church body as a whole, have been so faithful to pray, to give, to go, and to serve. In 2017, we hope to reach more people for God in exciting new ways while we continue to support missions already in progress.


But, we live in a time that seems increasingly troubled. In a world where it can be difficult to know what to stand for, we at The Grove Community Church believe God is calling us as believers to stand up and point the world back to Him. God wants to use us as bright lights in an increasingly dark world. He wants us to RISE UP, to live loud lives that SHINE BRIGHTLY, and to put the focus on GOD’S GLORY. In the midst of our broken world, rise up with us as we begin to anticipate how God will continue to lead The Grove to reflect His light and glory in the year to come.


Pray that God would lead you in supporting what we believe He is calling us to do. How will He call you to reflect His glory?
Download the Love Offering 2017 brochure highlighting every initiative:
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Week 1
October 29-30

We believe that now, more than ever, God is calling us believers to rise up and show the world His boundless glory. We believe in a living and active God, and we are ready to make Him known. Come and let God begin to stir you as Pastor Matt Furby launches our series and our theme verse: “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.” (Isaiah 60:1)

Week 2
November 5-6

Does your faith need a wake-up call? Many believers claim to love Jesus, but end up on the sidelines, inactive. This series is about being changed by God. Pastor Daniel Bishop reminds us of God’s call to rise up. Before attending church this week, ask God to inspire you and to awaken your faith. Imagine what can be accomplished if we all rise up!

Week 3
November 12-13

What does your life say about God’s character? It’s one thing to rise up and be vocal; it’s another thing to reflect God’s love to the world. This is about reaching all people. Pastor Tom Lance challenges us to shine and shares about The Grove’s vision for 2017. Begin asking God to prepare you for your role in this year’s Love Offering.

Week 4
November 19-20

Our Love Offering is all about bringing God glory. Pastor Tom Lance brings us back to this very basic truth. Every single thing we do is about God and His love for all people. We want this world to know our amazing God. Let us rise up and shine, and show this world who our God is.

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