Small Groups

Small Groups are a place to get connected with people and build community while growing in your relationship with God. Small Groups meet throughout fall, winter and spring seasons. They take the summer off to accommodate all the calendar spontaneity that comes with the summer season. These groups are sized anywhere from 8-16 people.

Groups are established based on age, gender, location, and curriculum. We have different groups for many different walks of life; groups for women only, men only, college age, seniors, married, etc. They all meet at different times, all throughout the week, and all around Riverside.

PLEASE NOTE: Small Groups will be on break from June-August.
Signups will begin the weekend of August 25/26 and groups will resume the week of September 9-15.
Questions? Please contact Carrissa at

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The Herman small group shares some stories on how small groups are essential for them to pause and gather together in a busy week.


Trevor Christmas
Discipleship Ministries Pastor

Call: 951-571-9090 x. 2177

Small Group Ministry Team:

Carrissa Brown
Administrative Assistant